Expanding your business facility or purchasing equipment?

BizCap is the small business lending programming available from County Corp & County Corp Development. BizCap became the brand name of these small business loans in March 2012.

A BizCap small business loan can help make your business expansion happen.  With a BizCap loan, a small business can access financing that is less costly. Every BizCap loan has a fixed interest rate which is priced at or below market. Our longer terms reduce your monthly loan payments which help improve your cash flow.

With a BizCap loan, a small business can finance up to 90% of the capital investment which allows the small business to retain "cash in their pocket" to fund operations, and not sink this cash into a long term capital asset. A typical structure involving BizCap would have 50% of your project funded by your Lender (generally a bank or credit union) and a BizCap small business loan for up to 40% of your project. The remaining 10% would be cash equity from the business.

We are authorized to lend anywhere in the State of Ohio and in select counties in eastern Indiana (SBA 504 only). We also offer two other loan programs specific for Montgomery County small businesses: CDBG and Child Day Care Loans.

Not sure what kind of loan is right for your business or your project? Check out our Economic Development page or connect with your BizCap Business Loan Officer today.

County Corp & County Corp Development

County Corp was founded in 1980 as the 501c3 not for profit development company for Montgomery County to bring financial resources and programming to area residents and small businesses.

County Corp Development, a 501c3 not for profit, has been authorized by the SBA as a 504 Certfied Development Company since 1982.

In 1991, the State of Ohio contracted with County Corp Development to bring its Ohio Regional 166 program to small businesses. We have been the most active Regional 166 program lender statewide.

Business FIRST! Resource Partner

Business First! is your source for training, workforce development and much more. County Corp, County Corp Development and BizCap have been a resource partner in this retention and expansion program operating throughout the greater Dayton area. Contact Business First! for further information.