BizCap Can Now Provide Rural SBA Loans in Six States

If you are looking at your next expansion project or investment in a rural county and are you having a problem finding financing for your growing business? Since 2013, small businesses in many rural counties have found that accessing SBA 504 loans has become difficult because a significant number of rural Certified Development Companies (CDCs) […]

Interest Rates Are Rising

You shouldn’t be surprised when we tell you that interest rates for small business loans have risen again. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen rate increases in five of the last six months. We fully expect the trend to continue into the foreseeable future. However, interest rates for SBA loans are still very low, […]

The SBA 504 Loan is Going Long!

The SBA has just announced a new 25 year SBA 504 loan option. The new fixed rate loan is now available and is in addition to the current 10 and 20 year loans. The longer maturity will better meet the needs of many small business borrowers by offering lower monthly payments, improving cash flow, and […]

Comparing Conventional and SBA 504 Loans

One of our regular readers, Ric Moody of Coldwell Banker Commercial Heritage  (937.287.0072) told us that he forwards the BizCap Report to all agents within his company so that they can use the report as a tool to help clients when purchasing owner occupied commercial property. Ric went on to make the suggestion that we […]

The Numbers Look Good with a BizCap Loan

Two local businesses ran the numbers and decided to take advantage of small business loans from BizCap. Westwood Fabrication and Sheet Metal Inc., in Dayton, is growing. They recently purchased a larger commercial building to better handle their growth. They utilized the Ohio Regional 166 loan program which gave them a below market fixed interest […]

New, Lower Application Fees

County Corp has reduced the application fee for SBA 504 loans from $1,500 to just $500. That’s $1,000 that you can leave in your business, where you can put the money to better use. This month’s SBA 504 rates are also lower than August’s rates. What more could you ask for? Call Gary Fischer at […]