With the BizCap small business loan program, County Corp and County Corp Development (CCD) offers a variety of programs to accommodate building and construction loans like the SBA 504 loan program and the Regional 166 loan program designed to help businesses grow.

We provide permanent financing only. We do not provide lines of credit or construction financing. We work with our partner lenders to provide the financing for your real estate needs. If you have a need for construction financing, we can assist you with the permanent “take out” financing approval for our portion of your project which provides comfort to the lender who will be providing the construction financing.

As a fixed asset lender, we have a variety of different loan structures and programs available for your project depending on your available resources (your down payment) and on the structure and type of your project.

We are a compliment to conventional lender financing and do not compete with our partner lenders. If you can successfully secure financing from these other lending institutions, then we are typically not needed. However, many loan structures include a BizCap small business loan with a partner lender and/or other subordinate lenders. Our most popular loan program for real estate is the SBA 504 loan program.



With the SBA 504 loan program, we can fix the interest rate for up to 25 years with repayment terms as long as 25 years. Through this program, CCD’s loan limits range from $50,000 to $5,500,000.



With the Regional 166 loan program available from the State of Ohio, we can provide up to $500,000* for your real estate project financed up to 15 years at below market fixed interest rates.

*Available with pre approval from the State of Ohio



Through our CDBG revolving loan fund, up to $100,000 can be made available for projects located within Montgomery County, Ohio (outside the city of Dayton). Finally, with the Child Day Care loan program made possible by funding received from the State of Ohio Dept of Health and Human Services, we can make loans of up to $25,000 for licensed child care providers in Montgomery County.



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