What’s Going On with Interest Rates?

For the sixth month in a row, the 20 year note rate has dropped. You have to go back to December 2017, when the Note rate was at 2.78%, to see similar low rates. We watched as the rates climbed to 3.93% in November 2018 and it has been falling ever since.

Likewise the 10 year note rate, which is adjusted every-other-month, has dropped to 2.92%. You have to go back to January 2018 to see a lower rate (the note rate was at 2.64%.) So, rates continue to be very attractive and allow business owners to lock in a low fixed interest rate on up to 40% of their fixed asset acquisition. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

The following link will provide some interest rate comments by Eagle Compliance who is responsible for the marketing, pricing, and sale of the certificates (debentures) sold to investors to fund the SBA 504 Loan Program.